Custom made & Bespoke fishing swing tips.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Coming soon to lighten up your life ! (probably) ;)

Brand new and on my super twirly machine right now !

Illuminous fishing swing tips and butt bite indicators !

These will come complete with a keyring U.V torch to charge them up on the bank and prices etc will follow soon, these will as usual, be available either through my eBay page or directly from me, but for now another great 36 second twirly machine video to keep you amused  . . . . . . . . ;)

Inquiries as usual to -  email:

or phone or text me on 07784 100 752

Thank you.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

A new addition to the range !

After quite a few requests and some consulting with a few folks over design and spec's I have started making some butt bite indicators, another great little indicator for those occasions, such as windy days, or really tight swims for example, when fishing a swing-tip isn't as practical.

Measuring about 10'' overall, but based on an 8'' blank as my 'standard size'  swingtips are, this is a tidy looking little bit of kit.

The rod clips are black plastic coated sprung steel and come in 3 sizes, 6-10mm, 10-14mm & 12- 16mm, covering virtually any coarse fishing rod, and can be fished down or up the rod.

 The fibreglass blank is smooth finished with a 12mm ceramic lined single leg ring whipped on to the end, giving easy line passage for casting and smooth bite indication with little friction. The coloured end is approx' 45mm long and whipped in rod building thread for brightness and long lasting colour, it is triple whipped and coated in 3 coats of rod building epoxy to add some weight to the tip for stability to combat wind and wave motion, without compromising bite sensitivity.

The single leg 12mm ring has a  ceramic center that will last a lifetime with any type of mono or braid.

Available from ebay here: Butt bite indicators on eBay UK  or directly from me
by copy/pasting this link into your browser:
don't forget to let me know which colour you want, available in bright red, bright orange & bright yellow.