Custom made & Bespoke fishing swing tips.

Friday, 9 June 2017

NEW ! 10'' Carbon swingtips !

New ! 10'' Carbon Fibre

bespoke/handmade traditional swing tip with 2 rings.


This swing-tip has been hand made, in the U.K, in the same manner as a custom built rod.
It is based on a 10'' smooth ground matt finish carbon fibre blank,

The coloured tip has been built up with several layers of whipping and rod building epoxy resin
to  add a fantastic finish, a little weight and a touch of class ! 

This version has 2 rings, the single leg ring whipping is also coloured matched to the tip

The epoxy has intentionally been built up thicker over the coloured band  to add just a touch
of weight to give the tip some substance and a little stability against wind and wave motion/tow,
without compromising it's sensitivity.
The bottom end is tapered to make swapping over the different strength rubbers easy, ensuring a good tight fit.
The tip is paired down to take a 2.6mm 'proper' tip ring with a 6mm ceramic center that will last a
lifetime with any type of mono or braid.

This swing tip will virtually last forever, making it excellent value for money.
Brilliant for roach, crucians, tench,perch etc etc. 


New Quick change Butt bite indicators

Brand new and based on a 10'' carbon fibre blank.

The rod clips are black plastic coated sprung steel and come in 3 sizes, 6-10mm, 10-14mm & 12- 16mm,
covering virtually any coarse fishing rod, and can be fished down or up the rod.

The carbon fibre  blank is smooth finished with a 12mm ceramic lined single leg ring whipped on to
the end, giving easy line passage for casting and smooth bite indication with little friction.
The coloured end is approx' 45mm long and whipped in rod building thread for brightness
and long lasting colour, and coated in several  coats of rod building epoxy
to add some weight to the tip for stability to combat wind and wave motion, without
compromising bite sensitivity.
The single leg 12mm ring has a  ceramic center that will last a lifetime with any type of mono or braid.
The ring is slotted for casting and so the indicator can be clipped on or off the rod
without the need to break it down.

These indicators will  last forever, brilliant for roach, crucians tench etc etc. 


Friday, 17 March 2017

New ! 9'' Standard Swing tips in single & double bands

Another batch of new tips that will shortly go on  eBay, but as ever are also available directly through me, simply call text or email me with your paypal email address and I'll send you an invoice !

Still at £14.99 including 1st class postage and I think you'll agree, the latest flouro colours look great !

Don't forget, EACH swing tip comes with a set of  THREE  different strength rubbers for all wind and tow conditions and a screw in adapter. 

You can phone text or email your paypal address to me and I will send you an invoice, or call in person if you ring me first if local and pay cash, or send a cheque or postal order - contact me for details - thank you  - dave 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

NEW ! Flouro 8'' Swingtips & 10'' Adjustable swing tips !

Some lovely new swingtips just off the twirly swing tip machine in the shape of 8'' fibreglass with twin flouro coloured bands & they look great ! Possibly by best to date and no increase in price either ! Check out the images below and also the new 10 '' Carbon fibre adjustable weight swing tips which are fantastic!

 Great new flouro thread colours for better visibility !

The bottom ring is also now done in matching thread colour and looks great ! 

 The new colours are brighter and look great in their ' twin band ' format !

Each swing tip comes with it's own set of 3 proper swing tip rubbers and an adapter, still post free !

The new adjustable weight swing tips are a superb addition to the range
and cover just about every condition you might come up against on a session!

Again, made with a matching ring whipping colour to the tip.  

At 10'' long these adjustable swing tips are perfect for those larger waters 
and anywhere that is open to the elements or catches the wind, the adjustable weight is around 5grams and can be positioned anywhere from right up to the single leg ring, meaning it has virtually no effect on the tip for very sensitive bites, or slid all the way down to combat tow on the water and choppy waves. 

Each swing tip comes with its own set of 'proper' Trev Tomlin style swing tip rubbers in light, medium and heavy strengths, plus a screw in adapter. 

You can see just how much adjustment you have along the length of the swing tip in this image, possible more adjustment than any other tip that's been sold in the UK, and don't forget, these tips are all individually HAND MADE  in the U.K
with pride !