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Thursday, 30 June 2016

New WHITE edition ! Including Red/White/Blue England colours !

After numerous requests I have yielded to demand and made some white ones !

 I had a few folks asking if I did any white ones for late evening and early morning when the light it low and folks who just prefer something a bit brighter and more obvious !

 So here they are, the first batch so far are all the v1 Tip ring only version and when I get a moment over the next week, or more to the point when the small single leg rings arrive(!), I'll make some 2 ring versions, but they are made to the exact same spec's as the black version, 2 coats of white coloured rod building epoxy, proper tip rings designed to handle mono or braid and a set of three 'Trev Tomlin' style swing tip rubbers and a standard threaded swing tip eye adapter, all packed and parceled safely and sent 1st class recorded post free for £12.99 !

To order: Either browse my current eBay listings here:

My current eBay listings

Or you can call me to check colour availability : 07784 100 752

Or send the money via PayPal and send me a text/email to let me know the swing tip colour and bands colour: You will of course get my address details in return and as with eBay I offer a 14 day returns policy if you are not completely happy with any purchase. (buyer pays return fees).

Secure Paypal Link for £12.99

 And top of the list is the England colours tip !
This is a lovely looking tip, you can celebrate lots of patriotic things with this, like the football team (ok bad example!) or #BREXIT (yay!) or just because you love the england colours (ok the white's really metallic silver but don't let that put you off!)  and you might even like them if you have French connections !
Either way, it's a funky fun colour combo that really looks great !

And also the one I like to call 'Pear Drops' as it always reminds me of them ! 

And the ever popular twin red with black . . . . . . . .  

 As always, supplied with a set of 3 'Trev Tomlin' style swingtip rubbers and a standard threaded swing-tip adapter. . . . . . . . If you would like to buy any of my tips without the rubbers or adapters I also supply them without, just give me a call, text or email.

Any questions, requests or inquiries please feel free to give me a call or text : 07784 100 752 

Or you can email me: 

Thank You !

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