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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Single handedly fuelling the swing tip revival !

I'm sure most people coming across this site will have (hopefully!) done so in their search for the finest swing tips made on the planet ! Well fear not you've found the right place, bespoke fishing swing tips, the likes and quality you will never have seen in a tackle shop anywhere in the land  . . . . . . . .

Most folks of a certain age remember fishing with a swing-tip, I was an ardent user may many moons ago on the Bridgewater canal in Stretford, where we'd fish through the winter on the 'tip, for the chunky roach that were once so plentiful. The big 'swingtip killer' seemed to be the arrival of the 'wand', fuelled by the likes of Silstar, with their cheap and cheerful, and to be honest really good for the money, multi quiver wands.

But nothing quite matches the heart stopping twitches of a finely balanced swing tip and done right, it's method that is unbelievably effective, so much so, that it's making a bit of a comeback  . . . . . . . . . .

So . . . . . . try buying one, what you'll find is cheap £3 chinese tips that, if you don't remember what decent looks like, will do you proud ;)
However  . . . . . if you want a 'proper job' then you're in the right place, as this is the finest quality swing tip that's ever been put together in the UK ! And if you're wondering, has this bloke made anything else decent, well I was also the brains behind the TBR2 barbel tripod that used to be sold through Trafford Angling in Manchester, as I was the manager there for many many years, so I do have the odd brain wave or two !

So what are these tips then ?

Here's the spec's:

9'' bespoke/handmade traditional swing tip with 2 rings in total.


Colour: Choose Your Own !

Choose from 2 options:

Without rubbers/adapter (if you have/prefer your own) £9.99

With light/medium+heavy rubbers & screw in adapter £ 14.99

This swing-tip has been hand made, in the U.K, in the same manner as a custom built rod.

It is based on a 3mm GRP fibreglass blank sized at 9'' so with the addition of the tip ring ends a few millimetres longer.  ( I also do 6'' and 12'' versions)

Coated in 2 coats of black coloured 2 pack rod building epoxy, with the coloured bands in quality rod building threads as opposed to just painting them for lasting colour and a touch of class.

This version has 2 rings, one small single leg ring towards the top of the section and the tip eye, some people prefer this over the 'tip eye only' version so I am offering both versions.

The reason some people prefer 2 rings is generally the belief that they are less prone to tangles when the line is slack/casting distances etc, as the small single leg is close to the swing tip rubber and keeps the line away when baiting up and you let the line go slack.

Broadly speaking, if you are fishing short range where an underarm cast or a short sideways flick is all that's needed, you're unlikely to tangle much with either version, some people prefer the 'tip ring only' version using the logic of 'less rings less resistance' so the choice is yours !

The epoxy has intentionally been built up thicker over the coloured bands (which are double whipped) to add just a touch of weight to give the tip some substance and a little stability in the wind, without compromising it's sensitivity.

The bottom end is tapered to make swapping over the different strength rubbers easy, ensuring a good tight fit. The tip is paired down to take a 2.6mm 'proper' tip ring with a 6mm ceramic center that will last a lifetime with any type of mono or braid.

It can be supplied with a set of three different strength proper swing tip rubbers, some may remember as the 'Trev Tomlin' brand, and a stainless steel adapter, standard thread that should fit any make of rod. I have now included the option to buy the tip on it's own, for anyone that has rubbers, or prefers their own, or uses it straight on the end of the tip section on rods like the old Tri Cast 2 x 2 and 4 x 4's.

It is waterproof, weather-proof, and quite possibly bomb-proof!

This swing tip will virtually last forever, I have made these for friends over the years and am making small batches of them due to demand and a renewed interest in swing-tip fishing, and why not, it's a fantastic method, ultra sensitive, and a pulse racing method of bite detection that's been overlooked for years! Brilliant for roach, crucians tench etc etc. I have been building, refurbishing and repairing rods for over 25 years and also offer reel servicing and repairs.

These tips are all individual one – off’s and bespoke, you will not find another exact tip on the planet, should you want a variation making please contact me, I can build to your specification if you are happy enough to wait a week or so.

This swingtip will be sent first class post, using a signed – for service, large letter size and sandwiched in cardboard/bubble wrap for protection.

For sending out, payment is by paypal or bank transfer, you can also pay cash on collection, please phone for colour availability and to arrange a day/time.

How to order:

It would be best to call or message and check the colour you want is available.
You can pay me, by paypal in a couple of ways - I can send you an invoice to your paypal email address which you just pay.

For the £9.99 version you can click the following link to pay, don't forget to message or call me with your details and preferred tip colour.

For the £14.99 version you can click the following link to pay, don't forget to message or call me with your details and preferred tip colour.

  You will of course get my address details in return and as with eBay I offer a 14 day returns policy if you are not completely happy with any purchase. (buyer pays return fees).

Prices as of June 2016

Any questions at all you can call or text me on the number below or email me at

Thank you.
Dave 07784 100 752

'Tip eye only' version for short/underhand casting and little 'flicks'

New versions & colour combinations coming all the time so check my eBay listings for the latest available swing tips !

My latest items available on eBay UK

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